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Prom is a big deal to any teenage girl. Perfect makeup, dress, shoes --- but what about flowers? Prom corsages must be perfect as well! Stop by KATHY'S FLOWERS and let us help you create a something special. With a picture or description of the dress, we can create something that not only matches, it enhances the dress' beauty.
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When it comes to prom, a guy can't go without a boutonniere to match his girl's corsage. The flower-on-the-coat-pocket is a tradition for classy men that stems back generations. Just because it's a tradition, doesn't mean your boutonniere doesn't have to be stylish. Choose from a wide range of styles, colors and flowers when choosing a boutonniere from KATHY'S FLOWERS.
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Hairpieces & Handheld Bouquets

Take your prom style up a notch with a matching floral hairpiece to match your corsage. From classic roses, to funky feathers, let KATHY'S FLOWERS create something specifically for you!
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1131 S Wallace Wilkinson Blvd
Liberty, KY. 42539
Local: (606) 787-0140

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